Netscape 3.0b5 on OSE 5

Netscape 3.0b5 on OSE 5

Post by Jerry Heym » Sat, 10 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I just downloaded Netscape 3.0b5 from the SCO Website, and have the following

  1.  It did not ask me for my license (which I received in a separate e-mail)
  2.  No symbolic link between the installed binary and /usr/bin/X11/netscape
      was created
  3.  All links are black.  Underlined, but black - making it look as though
      I have visited everything on every page.  *SOLVED* missing link to the that is shipped in the tar file

I deleted Netscape 2.02 prior to the installation, so I can't imagine anything
being left around to mess with things.  The only Netscape specific entry I
have in my ~/.Xdefaults is to turn off blink (I HATE blink with a passion)

Will the installation procedure be updated to correct these minor, but painful


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It's getting kind of irritating. :)


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