pass thru printing with visionfs

pass thru printing with visionfs

Post by Pete Frehn » Thu, 17 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have just installed an eval version of visionfs on SCO OS 5.0.2 and
it appears to be working as documented.  I have two questions:

1.  It was rumored (salesmen told me that he thought it was there)
that there is a capability to print from the UNIX box back to a shared
windows printer.  I realize that AFPS can do this (i have seen it with
my own eyes) but I would like to see if visionfs can do this.

2.  Is there anyway to administer the shares from the unix side?  We
would like to be able to support installs remotely (via dialup) and
cannot use the windows admin tools thru this method.  

Thanks in advance...

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1. tty for pass-thru printing

We are running an application on a Model 43P that
we remotely connect to from Win95 clients via modem.
We use TinyTERM for our terminal emulation and the
users can run the application nicely over the tty1
port that we connect to. There is one user at a time
that calls in, each one always connects on tty1.
To get transparent (pass-through) printing to work,
a print queue was added so that it shows up as
follows in the /etc/qconfig file:

   device = tty1

   file = /dev/tty1
   header = never
   trailer = never
   access = both
   backend = /usr/lib/lpd/piobe

This entry allows printing to work just fine
although occasionally the pass-through doesn't
connect and we get the file written to the
My question is, what series of SMIT choices
should I make to allow the above entry to be created
in /etc/qconfig? I would be looking to recreate
this same scenario on another RS/6000 and want
to have it work just the same.
It looks innocent enough but I wanted to make
sure I was making the right SMIT choices when adding
the queue so that it would work. I am assuming
the application is already setup to send the
proper escape sequences when printing is called for
and that the user's emulation will be set properly
when they login via modem.

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