Setting up intranet mail server

Setting up intranet mail server

Post by Johan de Lan » Thu, 12 Sep 1996 04:00:00


I have set up a small intranet in the office using Apache WWW server on a
SCO 3.2 486. Can anyone give me advise on using the Unix mail server as a
intranet mail server ?


Johan de Lange


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This is a re-post. My earlier posting does not seem reached the group.

We are setting up a small linux network in my office. There are about
12 machines. Current setup is Win 98 /95 in peer to peer network.
TCP/IP is enabled and the Machines are numbered from to with a mask of The machine is
a Redhat 8.0 set up on experimental basis, since we are planning to
shift to LINUX. The RH installation is successsfull and is using as a
workstation without any problem.  I can ping other machines. Now we
are trying to install an internal mail network. This is for
communicating between officers inside the office.  Although I searched
the net and read the manuals I could not comprehend them in full.
Therefore can somebody tell me step by step what to do. I wish to
1. Can I give any name to my domain? I propose to give ""?
What exactly the difference between "hosts " and domain"

2. the machine is named as "cs" ( as host). The /etc/hosts
file has the following entries:     cs     murali     maheswari, the last two entries being the names of windows
machines with the IP no and name. (the balance machines are not added.
is the entries are correct ?
3. In the computer "cs" I added two users "raju" and "mnk", with

4. with this info. how can I set up the internal e-mail system. what

5. Is it required to configure the "sendmail". or is it
pre-configured? The smtp is running.

6. for setting up an IMAP protocol e-mail what shall I do ? Is there
any other simple solutions ?



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