OS5: Change to 'proc' structure breaks u386mon

OS5: Change to 'proc' structure breaks u386mon

Post by Alan H. Min » Fri, 16 Jun 1995 04:00:00

OpenServer 5.0 appears to have a change in the proc structure. u386mon
wants to refer to the proc.p_ubdbd structure, which is now a uint instead
of a dbd_t structure. Also, proc.p_ubptbl[] is now an array of uints, instead of
pde_t structures.

Can someone explain (gently, please, I'm not a kernel hacker :-) where this
info has been relocated to? Specifically, it's looking for:

p_ubptbl.pgm.pg_pres /* Page is present in memory */
p_ubptbl.pgm.pg_pfn  /* Physical page frame number */
p_ubdbd.dbd_blkno    /* Location of swapped page on disk? */
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1. WARNING: Change in 'dd' behavior in OS5

In OpenServer 5.0, the default operation of /bin/dd has changed with respect
to what it does with a command like:

# dd if=foo of=bar seek=12345 bs=1 count=10

Under prior releases, this command writes the first 10 bytes of 'foo' into
'bar', starting at byte 12345, leaving the rest of 'bar' untouched.

Under OS5, the default behavior of this command is to write the first 10 bytes
of 'foo' into 'bar', starting at byte 12345, and then truncate 'bar' (to a
total of 12355 bytes).

Adding the option 'conv=notrunc' to the command causes it to behave as it
did in previous versions.

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