Default route OS5 PPP

Default route OS5 PPP

Post by Steinar Gravda » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

When i connect to my ISP using PPP on Linux or Win95
a default route is set automatically. I have now succeded making a
connection with PPP / SCO OS5, but I haven't found any way to get the
default gateway set automatically. Is there a way to do this ?

routed is running on my machine, should gated be setup an ran instead ?
If anyone has made this work, please post a brief description !



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I have written to the net about this before, but then it was bonched together
with a lot of other stuff so there might be someone out there that didn't
read it because of this:

My problem:
        A route added by route add default gets lost
        by the system wo. any complaints or explanations.

Call sequence:
        1. pppattach xxxxx
        2. ifconfig -a gives me the negotiated IP-address
        3. route add default
        4. netstat -rn shows the route as expected
        5. Misc commands, ftp, telnet, Mosaic.... Doesn't matter.
           Works fine for some time. The stops.
        6. netstat -rn shows that the deafult entyr in the table has dissappeared ?
        7. Another route add default works fine and gets everything
going again.
        8. Usually doesn't happen again.

I can't see any correlation to any action I do on the net or on the machine.

The System:
        Corollary 8x4 Serial MUX
        Multitech ZDX Modem 28.8k (Did the same with myolder Dynaling 14.4k)
        CPU Cyrix 5x86 (The same symptoms with the previous 486DX2-50
        Openserver 5.0 with 5.0.0d patch and net100 patch.

Any hint  appreciated.

Hi from Finland


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