authck woes

authck woes

Post by Steve Hove » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have 3 boxes - one runs unix 3.2v4.2 as in my master nis server - the
other two run open server 3.

They have between 32 and 64 mb ram each - they all have healthy swap space.

I can no longer run authck.  if I run authck -vp it says:

authck: resource space for ptotected password file names could not be
due to: ran out of space allocating name xxxxx  where xxxx is a username
which is different on each system.

On one I removed the extried in tcb/auth/files/t and up and it then ran
but then it reports to user so and such is in passwd and not the tcb, fix
it? and if I say YES it says it cannot allocate sufficient memory.

I do sar -r and I show plenty of memory and all of the swap space.

Im stumped.  Anybody got any ideas?


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