SCO Unix 3.4.2v4.2; Foxpro 2.6 for Unix; Slow system; please HELP

SCO Unix 3.4.2v4.2; Foxpro 2.6 for Unix; Slow system; please HELP

Post by Freddy de Vri » Sat, 06 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

We have the following system:


DEC Prioris HX server
128 Mb memory
512 Kb Cache
Dual Pentium 133 MHz.
Adaptec 2940 Scsi controller.


SCO UNIX 3.4.2v4.2
Foxpro for UNIX 2.6


The system is slow but the sar report give:
33% user, 55%system, 5 %i/o and 7%.
This is by +/- 80 users, our system must handle 100-130 users.

sar -r gives by 60-65 user noswapping.
sar -r gives by >65 swapping.

What is happening??????
How can we tune this UNIX box to perform better????
The system has idle time, so how can we use these 2 CPUs better????

We have tried to install 32 Mb additional RAM, but the system went
slower. Our SCO dealer says that the cache doesnt work in the area
128M + 32M. The kernel is placed there and works in a non cached area.

I think we need the memory, so how can we pass this problem????
Who of the readers has a SCO UNIX system running with Foxpro for UNIX
and > 80 users?????
Does he/she have the same problems?????

Any help is appreciated.

Please post follow-up articles and send me a personal e-mail to


Freddy de Vries


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