openserver 3.0 hangs on boot up

openserver 3.0 hangs on boot up

Post by Clark Adam » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have a remote system that has worked fine for about 2 years. On friday
10/2/98 the system locked up and they powered it off, waited, then powered
it back on.  It comes up to  the control D message fine, when they press
control D it starts giving us the normal messages until it displays

starting tcp/ip: cpd slink idsockets strerr syslogd inetd routed

At this point the system hangs we get no messages.  This system doesnot
have an network card.  So I had them boot into single user mode (which
worked fine) and move /etc/rc2.d/S85tcp to a temp directory then reboot.

Now, after we press control D we get normal messages until Print services
started is displayed and the system hangs.

HELP!!!   Please

Clark Adams



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