Problem with Remote Printing Thru Print Servers

Problem with Remote Printing Thru Print Servers

Post by mma.. » Thu, 20 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I have a problem with UW7 Can you please address this on the forum on my
behalf for the time being. I shall be obliged.

Problem is as under:

I have installed a system with UW7 (7.1.0) and want to get some
printing on
the network using the Print Servers from D-Link (DP-100, DP-300) and/or
Balylan's Printer Servers. These P.Servers works very fine with SCO
OpenServer 5 but a little bit problem in the UW7 is that (with 2 or 3
printers installed) If I send some requests to one printer it is OK but
the requests are sent to more that 1 printer, only one printer prints
the others are idle until the first one ends the job and I want all the
printers working in the same time. Can you please advise or send my
to the forum ? Shall be grateful.

I also tried to find the Printcap file but failed.


Mian Abdul Majid

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