SCO tuning problem?

SCO tuning problem?

Post by Bruce Wan » Sat, 20 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Two Intel 100MHZ Pentiums running SCO has Oracle 7.0, and an application
server on it. The problem is only 4 application clients on PCs running
Windows3.1 or Windows NT can login the application. One more login of the
application causes the disconnection of any one of the 4 application
processes. The SCO has 64M memory and 32M additional memory does not
help. The client talks to the SCO server via Window's socket. The server
application then invoke another interface application client on the SCO
and this client talks to its server application that communicates with
the Oracle database. That is each the Windows's client should invoke 3
processes on the SCO.

Funny thing is there is another setup which uses 486PC as the SCO server
and same setup of the application & Oracle. The 486PC only has 32M memory
but allows 6 client and concurrent operation. And when 7th client
attemps to connect to the server. It is simply not allowed. I have tried
to use the 486PC SCO parameters on the Pentium SCO but still only 4
clients. The Pentium SCO will continue accept new client
login(connection) but only 4 clients are really alive that can do query
sort of things. The "ipcs" command shows SCO cleans up the dead server
application entry in the shared memory/semophore successfully. Would
someone know what possible causes are?

Any utility of SCO that can tell which kernel parameters are in trouble?
How to use the audit to help to identify the problem? Please help. Thank
you in advance.


Bruce Wang

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