Printer from SCO to NT, URGENT

Printer from SCO to NT, URGENT

Post by Paul Qui » Mon, 04 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I need to print from SCO to Windows NT.  When I configure the printers
for remote printing on SCO nothing happens.  So I tried the command line
rlpcmd (the r command for printing over the LAN) and I got connection
Has anyone gotten this to work?

If so how?

Paul Quinn

Computer Science: Systems Architecture
Concordia University
Montreal, QC, CANADA


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I'm not familiar with SCO UNIX or the rlpcmd command, but if they're
using lpr/lpd, try the following.

First make sure that TCP/IP Network Printing Support is installed
on the NT machine.  If it is, you should see a service called
something like TCP/IP Printing or LPR/LPD printing listed under
Control Panel...Services.

If such a service isn't listednot, go Control Panel, Network, Add
Software, TCP/IP Protocol and Related Components, then check
TCP/IP Network Printing Support.  Click Continue and be prepared
to insert the Windows NT disk(s).  Reboot if this is suggested.

In any case, the TCP/IP Printing service should now appear in
Control Panel...Services.  You probably should set it to autostart
when the system is booted.  In any event, start it now.  Test by
going to the command prompt and using the lpq command.  I think the
syntax is something like "lpq -N computer:printer" -- brief help is
available with "lpq -h" or "lpq -?" or something similar.  "computer"
is the name of your computer and "printer" is the Windows NT printer

If you can get the lpq command to work on NT, specifying the same
computer:printer parameter on a UNIX lpr command should work also.

Caution: There seems to be a problem with long NT printer names and
with those containing spaces or punctuation symbols. I haven't been
able to get names like "Room 101 - HP LaserJet 4SiMX" to work.  Short
names like "R101LJ4" do work.  Unfortunately, I've not been able to
locate documentation on exactly what names are acceptable.

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