portmapper problems

portmapper problems

Post by Gary Des Roch » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I just installed the OpenServer 5.0.

I'm trying to get a PPP setup running.  I've spent way too much
  time trying to get it to work.  I got Netmanag's Chamelion and
  linux up using PPP relatively quickly.

The machine setup:
  HP Vectra 33U
  1 ISA type  hard drive
  1 SCSI type hard drive
  3 1/2 floppy
  HP Ultra VGA
  ( no LAN card; I took out the LAN card that was in it )
  I used the hostname and IP address that the LAN card had
  US Robotics 28.8 Courier internal modem

I setup the machine like this:

  1. I installed the system from CDROM
  2. I ran the network config program

The things that don't work:
  1. When I run "rpcinfo -p `hostname`" I get the complaint:
     rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper:  RPC: Remote system error no route to host
  2. When a PPP connection is active I can't get the router to
      connect me through the PPP connection.
  3. An "nslookup `hostname`" fails.  It claims it can't get the
      name server.

The things that do work:
  1. I run "rpcinfo -p" and the output looks okay
  2. I can telnet to "localhost" okay but not `hostname`
  3. When a PPP connection is active an "ifconfig -a" shows the connection
  4. I can tell the network manager to set up a ppp connection.
      using the debug tools I have verified that it connects
      successfully to the PPP server all the way.  
  5. The login screen shows the hostname I gave it

  1. How do I get the router to recognize this machine's
       own IP address; how do I get rpcinfo -p `hostname` to
       work right?
  2. How do I set up the ipforwarding I saw in one of the threads?
  3. Did I possibly answer one of the questions wrong either when
      I installed the operating system or added PPP?


portmapper problems

Post by Roberto Zi » Fri, 03 Nov 1995 04:00:00


>I just installed the OpenServer 5.0.

>I'm trying to get a PPP setup running.  I've spent way too much
>  time trying to get it to work.  I got Netmanag's Chamelion and
>  linux up using PPP relatively quickly.

[munch munch]

Hi Gary !

I've just configure ppp on Open Server 5.0 (manual outgoing
connection) and everything works fine. If you need datailed
steps, please drop me an Email.

When you run "rpcinfo -p 'hostname'", the program tries to get
in touch with the pormapper running on the machine you've
specified as 'hostname'. If rpcinfo isn't able to contact
the portmapper, it gives the above mentionned error. You should
check that portmapper is running on the remote machine (if it's
a UNIX powered one try with rpcinfo -p remote_machine or any
equivalent program). If it's SCO based, check in the /etc/rc2.d
directory for the presence of a file containing the letters NFS
in it (e.g., S89nfs).

For the telnet problem, are you using a nameserver (usually it is
the opposite problem - you're not able to connect to localhost) ?
Did you try with a local /etc/hosts file ?

Hope this helps !


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Is this causing the problem and if not any ideas on what could be?

Thanks in advance,

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