25 lines on terminals

25 lines on terminals

Post by Sheldon Bi » Tue, 03 Oct 1995 04:00:00

>Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:33:47 GMT

>Subject: Re: 25 lines on terminals
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>> basic TCP/IP stack.  SCO ANSI emulation will give you the exact functions of
>> the console display and keyboard.

>Ye Gods !  This is exactly what I want.

>But if I try to run MS Windows from a serial terminal, Windows reports that
>it cannot initialise the VGA adaptor and gives up.  Surely these products will
>not get round that problem ?  (Ultimately I want to run my MS Windows fax
>software off a serial terminal.)

>Thanks again.

>joe mc cool

Yeah.  Don't know about the VGA problem, but it wouldn't surprise me if
there were a setting somewhere.  I don't know about Windows support with
mouse and all in TinyTERM; I guess I'd have to modify my statement about
"exact funtions."  Maybe someone else knows about this one.  Anyway, that's
a far cry from 25-line character terminal support.

Sheldon Bird
Maine Dept. of Labor


1. 25 lines on terminals

On my OSE system I am using pcs as dumb terminals.  Each pc runs a copy
of kermit, which emulates a vt220.  In my .profile I also set TERM =
vt220.  This works ok, except that the behaviour on the 25th line of the
terminal pc is a bit erratic.  Sometimes it is written to, sometimes
not.  Emacs behaviour certainly seems confused.  The clear command does
not clear the 25th line at all.

Is kermit at fault here ?  Any suggestions ?

joe mc cool
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