sco routing (sco unix openserver 5.04)

sco routing (sco unix openserver 5.04)

Post by Tony Earnsha » Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:00:00

> I am setting up a sco machine on an exisiting network.
> Iam using a hard drive from an old sco server on a different network.
> There is an NT PDC on the network I want to use.
> However, I am setting up sco on a new domain.
> I think the routing table is in trouble.
> I have 1 network card.
> I can ping the card.
> I can also ping
> I cannot ping other machines on the network.

This has nothing to do with routing, which has to do with paths through
routers to other networks. You don't give any details whatsoever, but it
seems as if your NIC isn't working for some reason or another. Driver,
IP number, netmask, dead card, misconfiguration - you name it. Ping the
IP number of the card and see if that works. Then look at your IP
numbers, then the netmask. Read man ifconfig and try ifconfig -a and see
what happens.


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1. SCO OpenServer 5.04 won't install on Proliant 800!!!!

I give up,

I've read all the postings relating to this problem and I'm still getting
nowhere, can some kind soul tell me what I'm doing wrong - please speak
slowly and use small words.

I've been trying all day in install SCO OpenServer 5.04 on a brand new
Proliant 800 - 1 SCSI hard disk, 1 SCSI date drive, 1 IDE cdrom.

1. The default boot will see the cdrom, but not the SCSI hdd
2. Booting with a link to "cha" will see the hdd but not the cdrom
3. Booting with a link to "cha" and "wd" behaves the same as "2"
4. Booting with the string : restart link=CUCHA Srom=wd(0,0,0)
Sdsk=cha(0,0,0,0) behaves the same as "2"

I've read that the system will try to treat the block addressing cdrom as a
SCSI device...

I've tried selecting SCSI Cdrom for the install path - no dice!

I've read that during the Install Device Selection dialog I should change
from "cha" to "wd" to allow access to the cdrom - the "wd" option is not
there, and it can't be typed in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and would prevent me from losing it
completely the next time my boss asks how the new Scoserver is doing.


Eamonn Boylan
Senior Systems Engineer
International Business Systems Ltd
Newbury UK

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