E-mail headers?

E-mail headers?

Post by Mark L. Wis » Thu, 07 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I had this problem once....

It is likely in your MMDF configuration file.  In the mmdftailer file I
believe their is a setting on how mail headers are to be formatted... UUCP
style or Internet style.  Check there first...

Also, here is your header as I received it.

>X-UIDL: 870893263.001

>Newsgroups: comp.unix.sco.misc
>Path: xenitec!news

>Subject: E-mail headers?

>Organization: [resent by] The SCOMSC gateway and Propagation Society
>Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 18:48:39 GMT

>Precedence: list

>On our SCO UNIX Enterprise 3.2v4.2 system we have the following problem,

<stuff deleted>

Hope this helps....

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E-mail headers?

Post by Bob Wille » Thu, 07 Aug 1997 04:00:00

On our SCO UNIX Enterprise 3.2v4.2 system we have the following problem,
we just switched to using Eudora Pro to read our mail from the UNIX box
(all our e-mail to ccs.com is routed to the unix box).
Reading mail is fine, and sending mail is working (SMTP for send, pop3 for

What is happening is that I am sending the e-mail and it has two From lines
in the header.  I am sending this e-mail from Eudora Pro in the hopes that
the header will show the problem.  We use MMDF on the Unix box.
The first from line has like:
acerpowerp166!ccs.com!bob   (the machine I am on is acerpowerp166, but has
no direct e-mail connection to anything).

We talked to Eudora and they are certain that the header is being put on by
the SMTP mail server on the UNIX host.
Any ideas where to look and how to solve this problem?

It is nice being able to read the e-mail using Eudora Pro, since it a much
nicer interface, but I don't want any problems either..  (Yea, right... :-)

Thanks for any assistance.

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