modems not getting DTR

1. modems under delay not dropping DTR on 3003

        We have come across an interesting problem that IBM seem's unable
(or unwilling) to duplicate. At times when our machine is running full out
(ie. no idle time for 60+ minutes) if a person cu's to another machine
on exiting the cu the rs/6000 will not always drop dtr. This in turn means
the phone line may not get dropped. This can become a very expensive
proposition when you are supporting customers across Canda.

        The latest response from IBM (the problem report has been open for
months) is to run the lines as share rather than delay but whenever I run the
lines as "share" they immediately get locked and you can't cu out on them.

        If anyone out there has telebit's (either 2500, 1000 or pluses)
running on an RS/6000 in share mode I would appreciate a copy of your
register settings. Or if you have tried to get modems to work in share mode
on version 3003 or greater and haven't been able to I would like to know
(the support person I was talking to said that as far as they knew
everyone was using share rather than delay)

Thanks for any info

Geoff Coleman

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