Mounting DOS partition from SCO. HELP!!!!

Mounting DOS partition from SCO. HELP!!!!

Post by Ben Faufa » Wed, 16 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Cannot mount DOS partition from SCO on 4gig EIDE drive.
Tried mkdev dos without success.
The funny thing is that I can mount the same DOS partition
from Solaris x86 and Linux without any problems.
I can also mount fd0 and cd0 without problems from SCO.
I have a 4Gig EIDE divided as follow:
400 Mg - DOS
500 Mg - Win95
1500 Mg - SCO 5.0.2
1500 Mg  - Linux

I have no real way of knowing the name of the filesystem when I run
In solaris , df gives you something like root:/dev/c0t0p0/
Then you know how to refer to the partition to mount
Is there any way to find that out in SCO?



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i need to access/share data with an NT machine (not on a network)
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the NT person put 4 primary (?) dos partitions on the disk
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how do i mount the other 3 ?

is there some special way the disk needs to be formated by NT ?

thanks for any help,

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