HELP: Can't mount Xenix file system.

HELP: Can't mount Xenix file system.

Post by Jean-Pierre Radle » Wed, 13 Aug 1997 04:00:00

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HELP: Can't mount Xenix file system.

Post by Bela Lubki » Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> <P>Recent flooding in my area claimed a 386 Xenix server with several&nbsp;
> years of medical billing records. Surprisingly the system continued to
> boot and work fine - even after being half submerged in water. Unfortunately
> the insurance company insisted restoration work was required. My client
> thought 'Leave well enough alone'.&nbsp; To make a long story short, the
> restoration process has left us with a machine that gives three sets of
> beeps (1-3-3) immediately after turn-on with no POST or boot. A dead machine.
> I planned to transfer of all peripherals to another box and MB starting
> with the hard drive. Now, I&nbsp; find the hard drive (Conner 30401) comes
> up with "NO OS". The BIOS settings are correct and have been verified 3
> times. Here's the problem: the client has lost all documentation, boot
> disks and system backup tapes. Are any of these options possible.

> <P>1) Recreate or rebuild the boot portion of the drive using Open Server
> Desktop 5.0.2 or 4?

> <P>2) Install the drive on the 5.0.2 server as a slave IDE drive and run
> the Xenix OS and application using the 5.0.2 server.

> <P>3) Transfer the Xenix app to a ODT 3.0 Enterprise server.

> <P>4) Mount the Xenix drive on another SCO system (I have free O/S 5.0.2
> and 5.0.4)? to at least create a backup.

You can mount a Xenix filesystem under OpenServer.  To do this, you must
first run `mkdev xenix` to add the Xenix filesystem driver to the
kernel.  Once you are able to mount it (read-only), make and verify a
backup.  Then start experimenting with running the app under OpenServer.

You may have some issues with disk parameters.  If you can't see the
filesystems with `divvy`, the disk parameters are probably wrong.  Post
details (such as the parameters being seen by the new system), and a way
can be found to retrieve the old parameters.

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1. Mount xenix /u system under SCO 5.02 and WD network card with Xenix

I have xenix and SCO 5.02 on same harddrive and would like to use
xenix filesystem under UNIX! I followed directions found in one of the
on sosco and got message
could not stat device.
DOS is 1st partition, Xenix is 2nd and UNIX is 3rd partition.
do I need change numbers on mknod command?

Second question is on WD 8003EBT NIC.
It works OK under xenix right after mkdev wdn and mkdev tcp. If I reboot
into DOS and back again in Xenix, it stops working. Then I delete it.
redo mkdev wdn;mkdev tcp and works OK. I am experiencing similar
under SCO UNIX. Is there problem with card initialization after reboots.
Thanks for help.
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