NFS mount

NFS mount

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I have a SCO 5.0.4 machine named 'ts' which exports filesystem to two
machines, one SGI and the other IBM AIX, by NFS mount. I have another
machine also named 'ts' which is used as a backup to the operating
'ts'.  The backup 'ts' has got the same machine name and IP address as
the operating one, but was offline.   Then I tried to swap the running
'ts' with the backup 'ts' by unplugging the ethernet from the running
'ts' and plugging into the backup 'ts'.  I understand that the backup
'ts' has different Ethernet address as the previous one and therefore
the two  other machine could not reach this backup 'ts'.  To transmit
the new Ethernet address to the two other machines, I 'ping' the
gateway/router in between the backup 'ts' and the two other machines and
was able to ping and even telnet to the two other machines.  I suspect
at this stage, the backup 'ts' could reach the two other machines over
the network.  However, I found that the other machines could not NFS
mount to the backup 'ts'.  I have checked that the file /etc/exports was
there on the backup 'ts' and was the same as that on the previous 'ts'.
My question is:

What else should I do to check if NFS mount is OK and how to make NFS
mount to work again?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.



1. /var/mail: to NFS mount or not to NFS mount?

... that is the question.

Assuming a homogenous Sun/Solaris environment, what are
people's opinions of NFS mounting /var/mail on workstations,
as opposed to using IMAP to read one's email.  Assume that
all workstations are on the same LAN.

How scalable is either solution?


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