Bad Blocks on root partion

Bad Blocks on root partion

Post by Mike Keer » Thu, 19 Jun 1997 04:00:00


I hope someone has some idea how to help me.  I shutdown my
SCO 3.2V4.2 system down to switch a external scsi tape drive and cdrom
to my other system. I left the system off for a few days as i didn't
need it right away. Today when I tried to boot it up I the following
boot errors

Error on Fixed Disk (minor 40), blkno = 284244 cmd=0002
status=0020  sector 570504 cyl/head 565/15

bad text

stage 1 boot failure   error loading hd(40)/boot

I never get a boot prompt. So i boot to by emergency disks and
found they were damaged. However I have another 4.2 system it
didn't have all the same hardware (it had old ESDI drives and
is a 386 and the newer system has EIDE drives and is a pentium)
but i made another set of boot disks. First I tried to get a root
boot by typing

hd(4)unix       I got

Loading Kernal hd(40)unix  .text

................................ Error on Fixed Disk (minor 40),
blkno=317661 cmd=0002 status=0010   Sector 637338, Cyl/head 632/4

Read error   Loading Kernal  hd(40)unix .text


I even tried unix.old as well but got same type of results.

After trying fsck and getting error and checking the fdisk
partition table and the divvy both looked ok I tried running
badtrk (Non Destructive) and bad track table filled up after
190 cylinder and aborted (I did not save it). Is there anything
that might let me recover the data on my drive ?

The only thing else that was done was about 3 day before I shut the
system down i replaced the cache memory 256K with a coast module. I'am
going to used the chips in another machine. The system boot fine after
the cache swap and ran for 3 days.

The system configuration

Asus Pentium 100Mhz
24 meg main memory
svga vidio card  PCI
ethernet card   PCI
future domain 1600 scsi card
onboard the motherboard
2 serial 1 parallel
2 EIDE port
one 1272MB pri master drive
one  426MB pri slave drive

I hope this is enough info to help me recover the data.

contact me on the news group or email


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What does fdisk or cfdisk say about the partition table layout?

The amount of mounted usable space will vary depending on how the
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Best regards, Paul

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