Dos communication program on SCO

Dos communication program on SCO

Post by Hoang Ph » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am having a bit of trouble to run a DOS Comn. program on SCO R3.2V4.2, would
anyone can give me some suggestion on this problem please. Thanks in advance.

The problem is as following:
When I run this DOS Comn. program, I enter on unix prompt as:
        dos +acom1 switch
(indirect control on com1).this program will run and communicate with com1,
this is fine, but the overall performance of the system is VERY slow if I run
different programs, even unix program or dos program. Then I tried to run
direct control on com1 by:
        dos +dcom1 switch
the program is not running, it is stopping immediately.

Are there any parameter (e.g. kernel parameter, etc.) that I can tune to let
this program run indirect control on com1 with minimum disruption to the
performance of the system?. Or if I run this program in "direct control on
com1" mode, how would I run it?.

I also tried to run on com2 as well, but still the same result.
I don't really want to rewrite this dos program.
Please help, thanks.
If possible, please mail to me on this address



1. Problem with program doing serial communication under Cygwin

Dear colleages,

I have written a command-line program that uses the serial port (TTYS0) for
communication with an embedded device.

I need to port this program to Windows, so I tried to compile it under the
Cygwin environment. I changed the name of the serial port from '/dev/TTYS0'
to 'COM1:'.

The program compiles well, but when I start it, it terminates with an error
on the function tcgetattr(), although it goes well over opening the serial
port (see listing below). I'm getting error #25 "Not a typewriter".

Does anybody know why this is happening and can provide a solution?

Thank you very much in advance

  if( (fhSerial = open(szSerialFileN,O_RDONLY)) == -1 ){
    BailOut("Unable to open the serial port!\n");
  if( val == S_SET ){
    if( tcgetattr(fhSerial,&OldSerialMode) != 0 ){
/*DEBUG*/     printf("'%s' %i",strerror(errno),errno);
      BailOut("Unable to read the serial port settings!\n");


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