SCO OS 5.04 Network Problem

SCO OS 5.04 Network Problem

Post by Jean-Pierre Radle » Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:00:00

| e have an old AcerAltos 7000V (P5-90,32MB) running SCO OS 5.04 (upgraded
| from 5.02), connected with 3Com 509B 10BT to 18 segments TCP/IP ethernet
| network (about 1400  PCs and NT/Solaris Servers) connected by Cisco 7000
| router/BayStack  28115/Adv switches. After the 5.04 upgrade, the server have
| following problem:
| - Everytime it boot, it lost the default routing table. (Manually add the
| routing table in /etc/rc2.d/S99route solve it)

Of course it does.  The default route is kept in kernel memory, not in a
file.  Run the Internet manager, tell it what your default port is, and
it will set up an /etc/rc2.d script for you.



1. SCO OS 5.04 & Network Printing

I am trying to set up a Kyocera Mita 310 photocopier under our SCO unix box.
The printer has an onboard printer board and network card installed.

I have tried unsucessfully to install it as a Local printer under scoadmin.
Though I have had some success installing it as a remote printer.

The printer board is configured as follows;

IP -
Subnet -
Gateway -
TCP/IP Base Port No. - 10000
Frame Type - Ethernet II (TCP/IP)
Host Name - PORT1

When printing from Win 95 clients the TCP/IP port number is 10001.

I have had some limited success in printing when it is setup as a remote
printer. However a small print job would take approximatly 40 seconds before
printing. The light on the photocopier would come on after 5 seconds (data
being received), the job finally printing after 1/2 minute.

When trying to set the printer up as a local printer, I get no data at all
going to the printer, and the print job remains in the spool until canceled.

The printer is setup in /etc/hosts

I have also tried netcat without success. Any ideas of this slow printing
using remote and why I cannot send print jobs using a local setup.


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