Specialix serial boards hung-up

Specialix serial boards hung-up

Post by OOT Grou » Tue, 10 Dec 1996 04:00:00

For several years I install Specialix SI boards on SCO.
All boards work well on all SCO configurations and level.

In the last 2 mounth I have installed several boards but on some
systems I have hungs on serial boards 1 - 2 times every day.

- The Systems continue to work (on TCP/IP connections and console)
- Changing the Specialix board do not solve problems.
- I try several version of Specialix drivers and pach without solving the

All the sistems are:

- Siemens Nixdorf PCT 90 and Primergy 350.
- Pentium 90 or 100 Mhz
- Bus EISA and PCI
- RAM 32 - 48 or 64 MB.
- Adaptec 2940 or 1740.
- Etherlink III or NE3200

Who has a good idea ???


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I was told that 2.0.36+ kernels support Specialix Multiport Serial
Boards. I ran make menuconfig in 2.2.9 [the latest stable] and tried to
find its driver but failed. How can I use this board [8-ports] on Redhat
5.2 kernel 2.2.9?


Azfar Kazmi

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