AT&T IPC-802 /IPC-900 Drivers for SCO?

AT&T IPC-802 /IPC-900 Drivers for SCO?

Post by Lucky Leavel » Thu, 14 Mar 1996 04:00:00

> In our case, we junked the 6386WGS and bought a Compaq Prosignia.

I think this is the best solution (with the addition of SCO OpenServer
Release 5).  They have replaced one AT&T box with a DEC Prioris HX590/SCO
OpenServer Release 5.

As for the IPC802 and IPC900, Digi doesn't claim either one.  They did
OEM the IPC1600 but don't have SCO drivers.  Oh well, AT&T DOES make
pretty good boat anchors .... (just a tad expensive though).

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