help:how to replace new unix kernel with unix.old?

help:how to replace new unix kernel with unix.old?

Post by Yue-hong Zhe » Sun, 08 Dec 1996 04:00:00

My system :     sco open server 5
                P133 cpu,16M memory,scsi 2940 adapter,quantum 1G scsi
                disk, IDE controller,quantum 1G IDE disk
                In CMOS, dirve c is "not installed"

After I installed sco on the scsi disk( I used the whole disk for unix
partiton), I try to also make use of the IDE disk. And  I did a "mkdev
hd", try to add a IDE disk. I get a kernel panic after recompiling the

Next time, when I boot the system, I have to type unix.old at the boot
prompt. I like to replace the new kernel with the old one, so I did the
                umount /stand
                mount /stand
                cd /stand
                cp unix.old unix

Now I can boot without typing unix.old.

But I guess what I have done is not complete, because later on when I try
to add another serial port, I was given that "kernel panic" again.

So, I think problem is when I try to replace the new kernel with old
kernel , I have missed something.

What have I missed here?


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