Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator

Post by Alberto Ba » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I  want to use an terminal emulator in a PC (Novell Lan workplace)=20
 and it emulate a DEC-VT100 terminal.

 All works fine, but when I use the arrow keys, it sometimes repeat=20
 some lines and another=B4s don=B4t. This happen only when I move to
 fast the cursor, if I move the cursor slowly all works fine.

 Does somebody can help me ??

 Thanks for your Help.
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1. Terminal Emulators/ Virtual Terminals

Look in your current or $HOME directory where you normally run 'ate'.
There should be a file called "ate.def".  Edit this file and at the
end of it you should find three lines that read something like:


These lines define the ASCII values of the three control keys in 'ate'.
By defaults, CTRL-B toggles file capture, CTRL-Z returns to the main
menu, and CTRL-V returns to the previous screen.  To change these,
simple edit the file.  Specify the decimal version of the ASCII value
that you want to do these functions.

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