MSTPPP Dailin &Routing

MSTPPP Dailin &Routing

Post by Buddy.Jenning » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have a SCO box running 5.0.4c and MSTPPP.  I have to manually configure my
MSTPPP cuz of the inplace upgrade didn't install the manager.  I am dialing
in using WIN95 dailup.

I am using one class c license and a netmask of throughout my
network.  My main networking adapter is xxx.yyy.zzz.17, my MSTPPP is
assigned xxx.yyy.zzz.222 and my win95 machine is xxx.yyy.zzz.221.

My startup command looks like:
exec pppd xxx.yyy.zzz.222:xxx.yyy.zzz.221 netmask idle 900
rtscts mru 1500 asyncmap a0000 nolqm nostac nopred1 ms-dns xxx.yyy.zzz.101
debug 9

From win95 I can ping both 17 and 222, the host can ping 221.  However no
routing is going over the network.  None of the other servers can see 221,
221 (win95) can't ping out.

I have ipforwarding 1 and ipsendredirects 1.

I have gone over TA#105345,#105447, and #105664 without finding any
solution.  I've read the posts about internet routing, but most didn't

Why wouldn't it "see" all the other class c addresses?   Obviously, I'm
missing something!



1. Mstppp works! Now how do I route?

After wasting a couple of days trying to get this to work (I RTFM), I'd
be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Think
I've got some kind of mental block for not being able to find it out by
myself. The situation is:

Machine A            Machine B            Machine C
      |                            |   |                         |
     +----ethernet------+ + -----ppp------+

Machines A and B are connected thru NE2000 ethernet cards, with IPs
A: and B: Machines B and C are connected thru
Mstppp (works fine now) with IPs B: and C: All
are running SCO Unix 5.0.4.
So, how do I set up the routing so that I can do a telnet A from C?

Thanks in advance!
Albert Ratzlaff

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