SCO Security Bulletin 96:002

SCO Security Bulletin 96:002

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SCO Security Bulletin 96:002
September 4, 1996
Patch for system call security issue

The Santa Cruz Operation has discovered the following problem present in
our software:

I.   Description

     A problem in a particular system call may allow unauthorized
     access to the system. The resulting access may lead to unauthorized
     root access to the system.

II.  Impact

     Any user with an account on the system may be able to gain
     unauthorized access to system or user files, which may then lead to
     unauthorized root access.

III. Releases

     This problem exists on the following releases of SCO products:

        SCO(R) UnixWare(R) release 2.0.x and 2.1.0

IV. Solution

     SCO is providing Program Temporary Fix (PTF) 3063 to address the
     issue. This PTF is available for SCO UnixWare release 2.1.0. SCO intends
     to release a PTF for SCO UnixWare release 2.0.3 in the near future.

     A workaround for users of SCO UnixWare release 2.0.x or for those
     who are not yet able to install this PTF follows:

     As root, execute these commands on the system console:

        # /etc/conf/bin/idtune -f RSTCHOWN 1
        # /etc/conf/bin/idbuild -B
        # init 6

     This procedure sets a kernel parameter that prevents the problem from
     occuring, relinks the kernel, and reboots the system.  

You can download the PTF as follows:

Anonymous ftp   (World Wide Web URL)

        ftp://ftp.sco.COM/UW21/ptf3063.Z     (patch image, compressed)
        ftp://ftp.sco.COM/UW21/ptf3063.txt   (cover letter/installation notes)


PTF 3063 is also available in the UNIXWARE forum on Compuserve.

SCO Online Support (SOS) BBS

PTF 3063 can also be downloaded interactively via X, Y, or Z MODEM or Kermit,
using the SCO Online Support System (SOS). Follow the menus selections under
"Toolchest" from the main SOS menu.

The phone numbers available for interactive transfer from SOS are:

1-408-426-9495                  (USA)
+44 (0)1923 210 888             (United Kingdom)



MD5 (ptf3063.Z) = 1093420123c9bff603bd3c32a3867dcd
MD5 (ptf3063.txt) = 0ffa24e5e0d9a8caf8f4076149d782c3

sum -r (on UnixWare)

48571   391 ptf3063.Z
20546     3 ptf3063.txt

This bulletin is available for anonymous ftp download from
ftp://ftp.sco.COM/SSE/security_bulletins/SB.96:02a, and will be updated
as new information becomes available.

If you have further questions, contact your support provider.  If you

contact SCO as follows.

        USA/Canada: 6am-5pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
        1-800-347-4381  (voice)
        1-408-427-5443  (fax)

        Pacific Rim, Asia, and Latin American customers: 6am-5pm Pacific
        ------------------------------------------------ Daylight Time
        1-408-425-4726  (voice)
        1-408-427-5443  (fax)

        Europe, Middle East, Africa: 9am-5:30pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
        +44 (0)1923 816344 (voice)
        +44 (0)1923 817781 (fax)


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