System Logs to a Log Server Machine?

System Logs to a Log Server Machine?

Post by Dave Gresh » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have a client running Openserver 5.0.5 with rs505a, oss497c and
oss600a installed.  

They have quite a network of nt machines, freebsd boxes and
SCO Openserver 5.0.5.

They want to have a server be a 'system log' server, where all
'/usr/adm/syslog and the other freebsd unix equiv's would go
to a single machine.

Is it possible to have /usr/adm/syslog be somewhere else on
a different machine running a non SCO OS?



1. Check your ppp.log or ppp.tun0.log in /var/log


I was having a look through my FreeBSD 2.2.2 system last night after
compiling myself a new kernel, so was feeling pretty chuffed about it
(being my first FreeBSD kernel) when I noticed that the directory and
contents of /var/log/ were world-readable.

While it's pretty understandable that some log files have world
attributes it seems INSANE that ppp.log (or, in my case, ppp.tun0.log)
be world-readable. After a quick cat of the file I found, for all to
see, plain text copies of my ISP password visible.

I suppose it's prudent to run around clamping all these files down, but
it strikes me as odd that they'd default to world-readable.

Well, it's probably not a major discovery, but I'd thought I'd bring it
to your attention anyway.


Matt Bruce

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