5.0.2 ppp limit

5.0.2 ppp limit

Post by toms » Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a way to get by the 64 interface limit in SCO ppp?
We're using SCO OS5.0.2 Enterprise and need about 250 interfaces.
We use dynamic outgoing links, and would rather not use the
manual "pppattach" to get by.
It looks like the first 64 in ppphosts get routed (ppp0 to ppp63)
The networking guide states 64 concurrent ppp connections, but there
should be a way to modify this somewhere.
We also just received the 5.0.4 upgrade, and it states the same
"up to 64" limit....using MorningStar's PPP.

If anyone has done this or has an idea, please help
Bela, any ideas?



1. PPP Limits?

I installed a new kernel (1.2.8) a month ago.  Previously I was using
1.0.9.  Ever since the upgrade, PPP dies about once a week.  Is there
some limit (time or number of bytes maybe) that pppd can't go beyond?
Since it only happens weekly, it's not a *big* deal, but it would be
nice to know what's happening and maybe get it fixed.


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