Staircase effect on SCO 3.2 w/printing

Staircase effect on SCO 3.2 w/printing

Post by Matt Midb » Fri, 13 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Okay, I need to force lpd to add a ^M to the end of every line that
goes to a printer, otherwise it gives me this staircase output. The
problem is that the printer works fine in the printcap file, but SCO
doesn't seem to support the "if" option for input filters. So if I want
to print I run this little awk script which puts the ^M in for me, and
then print it. However, I need to have lpd or whatever handle this for
me when anything comes in to be printed. The file is being sent to a
Novell print server. So how can I filter all the print requests for this
printer to add ^M to the end of every line?



1. SCO OSR 5.0.2 - "Staircase" effect problem in remote laser printing

Hi all. I've recently set up a remote laser print queues on
a SCO OSR 5.0.2 machine, that spools print jobs to remote
laser printers via one of those multi-port print server
(EXTENDNET branded).

The print queue works fine, however, the print job outcome
is somewhat different from what I expected.

Here's an example:

(What I expected to get)

This is a test.
This is a test.
This is a test.

(What I actually get)

This is a test.
               This is a test.
                              This is a test.

It seems like all the carriage returns and form feed
characters have been filtered out. I have a SCO UNIX
3.2v4.2 on the same LAN, which spools out print jobs
the same way as machine running SCO OSR 5.0.2, but
prints perfectly OK otherwise. Any idea? Thanks.


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