Custom floppy system error 12

Custom floppy system error 12

Post by Scott Risda » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

One of our servers that is running 3.2v4.2 has developed a bad taste for
custom installable floppies.  Whenever we attempt to install a product
using custom and the floppy drive, we get a system error 12.  Has anyone
seen this?

The floppy drive works find using tar and cpio, and we can install from
the tape drive with no problems.

Bonus question:  What does custom do with the tar command that makes it
act differently?  We are working on a fairly new hardware platform from
Intel using the Adaptec 7870 SCSI chip, and had an earlier problem using
custom to install from tape.  Apparently the Adaptec driver had a bug in
it that caused custom to write over occupied portions of the hard drive,
yet using tar to read the tape worked fine.  Same goes for the floppy
problem above, it works fine with tar, but fails with custom.


Scott Risdal


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