New or Revised TAs on websco, 951021

New or Revised TAs on websco, 951021

Post by RadleyRob » Mon, 23 Oct 1995 04:00:00

The following problems are addressed in Technical Articles that appeared on
SCO's site on 951021.

Some of these TAs are new, others are revisions of prior versions.

PROBLEM:  When I try to create an emergency boot floppy disk, this error      
          message occurs:

               NOTICE: HTFS: Out of inodes on EAFS dev marry (76/2)

          The floppy creation process then fails.

PROBLEM:  After installing SCO OpenServer Release 5 on a Pentium
          machine, my console locks intermittently.  It happens
          sporadically when using the numlock or capslock key.  
          Slowing the clock rate on the machine seems to help.