SCO: Unix is corrupt when patching oss449f onto 5.0.2

SCO: Unix is corrupt when patching oss449f onto 5.0.2

Post by Joel Willia » Tue, 27 Jan 1998 04:00:00

This was a thread that spun out in September last year.  I was
encountering this problem when trying to apply the oss449e patch.
Well, the other day just for giggles I try applying the oss449f patch,
got the same message from the software manager.

Bela had suggested to run 'examine attributes' from software manager.
I did, but didn't find any state that was 'corrupt'.

Any other ideas...this client has 5.0.2 with NO oss449x patch applied.
They are experiencing network problems, and I'm quite sure oss449f
would solve their problems.


MIS Director  
Physicians' MSO


1. OSS449F Patch on SCO 5.0.2

This patch didn't automaticly modified some of the variables contained
in the file:
and then, simply refuse to execute the "link_unix" command.

If someone did installed this patch (succesfully), would it be possible
for him(or her) to send me a copy of the file
(/etc/conf/pack.d/str/space.c) by e-mail at the following address:


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