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Looking For...

Post by Joe Chasa » Thu, 02 May 1996 04:00:00

I just got a call from a company with a Xenix Tandy 6000 on its last legs.  
They are apparently experiencing a disk "head crash" on their secondary
hard disk where all their important data is stored.  

In order for them to migrate off this platform to SCO OSE5, as this
emergency has forced them to finally do, they really need to play around
with their system a bit to create an environment where such a transfer and
data salvage operation is possible.

To do this, I need:
        35 or 70 MB external hard disks for the Tandy 6000 (or older models)
        20 MB Bernoulli Cartridges for the Iomega external cartridge backup
             systems (I think these are 8 inch disks).  (2 to 4 would do)

Does anyone have or know of a source of these items that would help this
poor soul.

Thanks in advance,

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