New or Revised TAs on websco, 960809

New or Revised TAs on websco, 960809

Post by RadleyRob » Sun, 11 Aug 1996 04:00:00

The following problems are addressed in Technical Articles that appeared on
SCO's site on 960809.

Some of these TAs are new, others are revisions of prior versions.

PROBLEM: I need to read data files that were originally written in MS
         BASIC.  These files contain single and double precision floating
         point numbers. In order to read this data correctly, I need to
         determine the format of a floating point number on the disk.

PROBLEM:  How are the data types in Micro Focus COBOL/2 stored in memory?

PROBLEM:  The SCO Advanced Hardware Supplement (AHS) Release 5.2.0 network
          driver for the 3Com 3C590 adapter will fail at startup when used
          with the newer 8K 'FIFO' adapters.  

          The following 3Com model numbers are affected:

             3C590-Combo 03-0046-010
             3C590-TPO 03-0046-110

PROBLEM:  Where are UUCP files and directories located in SCO UNIX System
          V/386 Operating System?

PROBLEM:   Various peripherals can be configured for interrupt 2.  When I run
           the associated mkdev(ADM) installation script, I must specify a
           'software' interrupt that differs from the hardware interrupt.

           A classic example of this is tape drives.  Many tape controllers
           may be configured for hardware interrupt 2, but you must specify
           software interrupt 25.

           Then when I boot the computer, the boot-up screen says there is a
           tape drive recognized at IRQ 31.

PROBLEM:  What is an Archive XLe tape drive and an XL20e Adapter Board?

PROBLEM:   How to install SunRiver Fiber Optic Station on SCO XENIX and
           SCO UNIX System V/386.

PROBLEM:  When do I use the -oraw option with postscript printers?

PROBLEM:  I have a DOS partition taking up space within the first 1024
          cylinders of my hard drive.  How do I calculate the maximum
          allowable size for my root filesystem?

PROBLEM:  What does the directory structure of the printer subsystem under
          SCO UNIX System V/386 look like?      

PROBLEM:  What does the directory structure of the printer subsystem under
          SCO XENIX look like?      

PROBLEM:  What are major and minor numbers and how do I determine the
          major and minor numbers of a device file?

PROBLEM:   My 386 machine with an Intel motherboard incorrectly detects
           (or fails to detect) the presence of a 387 math coprocessor
           and hangs when booting.

PROBLEM:  What is the meaning of some of the basic network terms?

PROBLEM:  The xon utility supplied with Panorama starts local X
          clients correctly, but fails to start remote X clients,
          giving the message:

              <remote>: <remote>: cannot open

          where <remote> is the name of the remote system.  Since
          Panorama session management uses xon to restart the user's
          X clients when starting the window manager, this means that
          local X clients in the session start correctly, but remote X
          clients do not.