Problems with the TCP/IP stack

Problems with the TCP/IP stack

Post by d.. » Fri, 01 Sep 1995 04:00:00

We suddenly are having problems with our TCP/IP connections, both inbound,
and outbound.  We are running OpenServer R 5, using Cogent EM960 PCI
busmaster cards. Our problem is this:  after about 10k worth of FTP traffic
(telnet traffic doesn't seem to generate enough bandwidth for it to happen), the
recieving machine (also SCO, but not OS5) gives us tcp sum: errors, that point
to the originating machine.  We have tried switching the cards, to no avail,
re-installing the drivers, again to no avail, and of course, re-linking the kernel.
Is there something that I have missed, or what?  I still feel the Cogent cards
are at fault, but I can't prove it (diagnostics show them as O.K.)

Any suggestions?


1. Problems with Linux TCP/IP stack?

Someone in one of these deeply-nested, flame-and-bile-filled threads
mentioned that the Linux TCP/IP stack "sucked", I believe -- or at least
said it wasn't very good. Someone else asked why, and got no response.

I'd like to pose that second someone's question again -- are there major
flaws/problems with the Linux TCP/IP stack? What, very specifically, are
they? Are they addressed in 2.2? Are there plans to address them in the
near future?

No generic "Linux sUx" or "liNUX rul3zz" answers, please. I'm looking
for an educated opinion.

Erik Diehn

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