Win95 PPP client script help needed --> SCO-5 dynamic inbound PPP

Win95 PPP client script help needed --> SCO-5 dynamic inbound PPP

Post by Heinz Wittenbeche » Sat, 02 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to increase usage of Win95 clients (laptops) to connect to
our SCO-5 Enterprise. (Current with Dec CD). I'm successfull connecting
if I log in manually or 'step through' the script on the Win95 side.
As soon as I remove the step through option, login fails.

Does anyone have a login script for the Win95 side that they'd offer to
share? or does anyone have ideas, pointers to help me to improve the
method of connection.

Once connected (semi-manually), all is well.

Thanks in advance -- Heinz

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1. Set IP on inbound PPP for Win95 client

I'm having trouble getting my linux box to provide the correct
IP# to a Win95 client that is dialing in.  Here are the details:

Linux 2.0.0, pppd 2.2pl0

The good news- I can ppp in, I can ppp out, this all works fine.
What I'm trying to do is get my laptop (running Win95) to be able
to PPP into my linux box.  When I'm connected via ethernet, I use
bootp (DD2.4.3) to provide the IP#, name server IP and other
configuration stuff when I boot the laptop.  This works great.
All the laptop needs to know is it's ID (login name), and all
bootp needs is the MAC address, everything else is administered
via bootp.

Now I also want to be able to dial into my linux box.  I can
hardcode the IP# on the Win95 box (props, server, TCP settings),
or I can hardcode it on my pppd command line (
I can put it as the 4th item on the pap-secrets lines, but this
only seems to "allow" the IP, not specify it.

Do I need a better pppd and/or true DHCP server?  Is there a way
to do this?  I don't want a dynamic IP, I want to be able to do
full configuration (IP, nameserver, gateway, etc) on the fly
during the ppp session startup, with the linux box in control.

Can you point me in the correct direction?

Bryan Apple
Brambles Information Management
(847) 885-6000

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