What is process "local 6 9" and "mailserv"

What is process "local 6 9" and "mailserv"

Post by Steve Wer » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

What does the process "local 6 9 " do, and what do its arguments mean?  Its
an mmdf process, and sometimes brings the system to its knees in terms of
speed.  This used to happen constantly on our older 386's, but we haven't
noticed it on the new hardware until recently.  I figure it has something
to do with local mail delivery, but now were having problems with our
'mailserv' and we see this process out there and run out of memory/swap.

Also if anybody reconizes the 'mailserv' package were using, please point
me in the direction of some documentation.  The person who set it up left
us with no documentation.  All I can tell you is its installed in a
directory called /u/mailserv, and has files like mreply.rc, mreply.log,
and mreply.err.  I don't know who wrote it or where it came from.  
somtimes the 'mailserv' user processes crash the system, but I can't
just throw it away (how ever much I'd like to) since its currently
in use as our automated mailserver.  You can mail something to

itself in the resulting message.

Any info appreciated!!!

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What is process "local 6 9" and "mailserv"

Post by Stephen M. Du » Sun, 28 Apr 1996 04:00:00

$What does the process "local 6 9 " do, and what do its arguments mean?

   It's the local delivery channel.  I wish I knew what the arguments
passed to channels meant ... hopefully someone who does will respond
to your note.

   There are a few MMDF checking tools which might be of use when
trying to figure out what your local channel is trying to do.
checkque and checkmail will help you figure out what's in the queue.
MMDF also has pretty flexible logging, and cranking the various logs
up to a more verbose level might help, too.

   Good luck!

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