Local Network DNS and dialup Internet problems

Local Network DNS and dialup Internet problems

Post by Francis Walling » Sat, 13 May 1995 04:00:00

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We are running happily our own domain internally (sdm.co.uk) with
a dialup connection to our local Internet Provider. Problem is
that we have to use ifconfig up/down when we want to connect because named
seems to automatically bring up the connection.

We want to be able to leave ppp0 up so that named/routed only causes a dial
up when external access is really needed (sendmail processes the queue or
someone wants to connect to an external service).

Below you will find out named.boot and relevant entries from named.host.

We have tried using 2 nameserver lines in resolv.conf: problem is that
if our local named is first externals don't get resolved, and if the
internet named is first all local attempts to resolv go to the internet first
and then get resolved locally (i.e. dial up occurs for local resolving).

We have tried using forwarders in the named.boot (as we currently do) which
seems to cause our named to cache entries from the internet - great - but
as soon as we ifconfig up (and add the default route) the line comes up,
the only thing that could be bringing it up is named.

Main Question:
Can we configure named/routed so that named provides local and cached entries
without needing to go off-site ?

FYI Our only well known name is sdmuk.demon.co.uk (we do not yet have netwide
    access - we can't until this problem is resolved - excuse the pun)
    Our local domain is sdm.co.uk, all mail is routed through sendmail
    on zeus.sdm.co.uk, and the from address is changed ro sdmuk.demon.co.uk
    The named.boot is shown here, and a small part of named.hosts.
=======START of named.boot======

directory       /usr/lib/named
cache           .                       root.cache
; following line taken out as DNS now not working (FW 8/1/95)
; domain                sdm.co.uk
primary         sdm.co.uk               named.hosts
primary         21.195.193.in-addr.arpa named.rev
primary         0.0.127.in-addr.arpa    named.local
; This is our local providers NS
======END of named.boot=======
And from out named.host.....

localhost            IN   A
zeus                 IN   A
                     IN   HINFO Intel/486x66 SCO/ODT3
sdmuk.demon.co.uk.   IN   MX    10 zeus
hera                 IN   A
                     IN   MX    10 zeus
                     IN   HINFO Intel/Pentium/90 SCO/ODT3
sdm.co.uk.           IN   MX    10 zeus
sdm.co.uk.           IN   A

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Strategic Data Management            Fax +44(0)181 568 3339
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