Using Sco box as email server

Using Sco box as email server

Post by Paul Jam » Tue, 28 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm using a SCO box as a mail server for a number of Win 3.11 PC's.
The PC users get their email using Netscape 3's mail functionality, but it
looks like I have to have every user's email ID and IP address in the
/etc/hosts file before this method works. The MMDF table (smtp.chn) is
built from the hosts file and without the user's details, they cant
receive email.

Is there a way around this? - I dont really want to have to update the
/etc/hosts file all the time with new users, shifting users from machine
to machine and therefore changing IP addresses etc.

Paul James - Sysadmin (SCO UNIX)

Hobie18 "My Girl" 9043
Sunny South Africa


Using Sco box as email server

Post by Paul Jam » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00


>If you are running SCO Unix you need to ftp the post office
>protocol daemon (popper3)  and install it.
>If you are running SCO Open Server Enterprise, it is already there.

>After doing that, you will be able to access the SCO server
>using Netscape or Eudora as you do with your ISP.

>You will have to create a login ID for each user.
>Set your email server's fields at each PC Netscape and
>fill free to have your email service working fine.

I am using the popper3 daemon and I've been able to get away with just
having all the possible IP addresses in my /etc/hosts file - its not
necessary to have the IP addr. AND the user ID in the hosts file like I
originally thought. These are necessary because the popper daemon checks
the IP address when a client (eg Netscape) tries to fetch mail.

Paul James - Sysadmin (SCO UNIX)

Hobie18 "My Girl" 9043
Sunny South Africa


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