fork failed

fork failed

Post by Gerhard Wiese » Tue, 18 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Is there anyone who knows how to resolve the problem:

"application" : fork failed - Too many processes!!




fork failed

Post by Stephen M. Du » Wed, 19 Jan 2000 04:00:00

$Is there anyone who knows how to resolve the problem:
$"application" : fork failed - Too many processes!!

   Increase the number of processes available.  Chances are it's
the maximum number of processes available per user, but it could
be the systemwide limit.  See the section of your administrator's
guide dealing with kernel tuning for details.

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fork failed

Post by Ronald Elderhors » Fri, 21 Jan 2000 04:00:00

What you should check is why you get this error.
Increasing the # of proceeses per user or system wide will solve the problem
temporarely most of the time.
When you use fork() you should also issue the wait() or waitpid() system
calls every now and then just to clean up the system process table
Each process that exits enters the so called Z(ombie) state (see ps of the
documentation). The parent process has to retrieve the exit status of that
child process before the process slot is released by the kernel.
You can change this behaviour with fcntl()
Study these system calls carefully.
You can also use SIGCHLD to be notified when one of your child processes
dies but is not encouraged due to race conditions.

Good luck

>Is there anyone who knows how to resolve the problem:

>"application" : fork failed - Too many processes!!




1. Fork Fails: No More Processes


We're running HPUX 10.10 on a Workstation 735.  The main user of
the workstation currently has 53 processes running,  but he's not
allowed to fork anymore processes.  If I shutdown one of his xterms,
I can get ps -ef | grep... to run (two processes,  correct)?

However,  if I clear up one of his processes and then run
'rlogin <localhost> -l douvilld',  I can launch any number of xterms
and other programs,  so I'm thinking this is a personal account limit.

This machine also serves as our main NFS server,  but I don't see any
connections there.

The swap seems okay,  and the kernel is configured for 273 simultaneous
processes (default,  I think).  Is there a tuneable parameter that needs
an adjustment?  He never had this problem under HPUX 9,  and I don't
think I've hit it on my own 10.10 install.

Thanks in advance for your advice.  (Please post to news)


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