How do I install SCO with secondary adapter

How do I install SCO with secondary adapter

Post by rajesh.thareja.m.. » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have a IBM PC Server 325. I want to install SCO Unix 5.0.2 on this
server, by my CD ROM Drive is connected to a second SCSI Adapter (Adaptec
AHA-2940). When I try to install SCO Unix 5.0.2 on this machine even if I
define in  boot string that I want to use CD ROM Drive connected to the
second SCSI Adapter it does not recoganizes the drive. Any solution
available for this.



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    Currently I have a Freebsd 4.3-RELEASE using 2 network cards.
I have both network cards installed and working locally.  The main network
card which can be seen by the public works fine using the default router.
However, the secondary network card working on a secondary ip block for
internal use
is not working.  How can I add a secondary router/gateway into the rc.conf
file in such
a way that the IP's on the internal block can see the secondary network

Thank you for your help

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