Kernel Relink Problem (fwd)

Kernel Relink Problem (fwd)

Post by Lance Wood » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

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When we attempt to relink our kernel in the sysadmsh, via System ->
Configure -> Kernel -> Rebuild, we get:
 /./usr/include/sys/seg.h: 96: undefined control
 ERROR: /etc/conf/pack.d/cr_uni/stubs.c   will not compile properly

And, if we do a link_unix, we get:
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 115: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 243: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 381: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 452: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 504: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 547: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 686: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 861: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 923: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 932: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 979: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 1079: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 1102: undefined control
 /./etc/conf/cf.d/config.h: 1163: undefined control
 /./usr/include/sys/xdebug.h: 83: undefined control
 /./usr/include/sys/xdebug.h: 97: undefined control

We have checked the stubs.c file against other systems, and it is
unchanged from the way it shipped from SCO.  We tried renaming the
stubs.c file and removing it from the include list; however, the error
then occurs on another file in the  /etc/conf/pack.d/cr_uni  directory.

We assume our compiler is corrupt, as we had a kernel double-panic some
time back which corrupted several files.  We believe the 'include' files
to be OK - we need some advice on where to look for the compiler so we
can check it (them) against other systems.  At this time we are unable to
relink our kernel, thus preventing us from implementing upgrades and

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1. Relinking Kernel (fwd)

I'm currently getting an error message  
CONFIG: alloq - Out of Streams (NQUEUE = 512 exceeded)
Ive Increase the No of Streams but when I attempt to relink the kernel
i'm getting the following errors:
       Root for this system build is /.
undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
findexport                          /etc/conf/pack.d/lockd/Driver.o
klm_shutdown                        /etc/conf/pack.d/lockd/Driver.o
nfs_bcmp                            /etc/conf/pack.d/lockd/Driver.o
kmem_alloc                          /etc/conf/pack.d/lockd/Driver.o
kmem_free                           /etc/conf/pack.d/lockd/Driver.o
fhtoip                              /etc/conf/pack.d/lockd/Driver.o
nfs_rnodes                          /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
nfs_read                            /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
nfs_write                           /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
nfs_readlink                        /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
getdomainname                       /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
exportfs                            /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
setdomainname                       /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
server_daemon                       /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
client_daemon                       /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
nfs_rnum                            /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
getfilehandle                       /etc/conf/pack.d/nfsd/Driver.o
ld fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to unix
ERROR: Can not link-edit unix

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