Everex VGA

Everex VGA

Post by Larry Butl » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 08:08:55



Everex VGA

Post by Larry Butl » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 08:13:06

What I was trying to say is does anyone have a working Xconfig for
an Everex Veiwpoint Premium?



Everex VGA

Post by Frank T Lofar » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 12:04:53

    It does support X, if that's what you were asking. However it seems
the kernel SVGA selection code doesn't deal with it correctly, it seems
(*very* strange, since it works fine with X (select ET4000 chipset).
    One can get 832x624 with 512K of video ram.

1. Everex VGA and X

  I have an Everex Vewpoint Premium. It works fine with X windows in
800x600 mode with:
    "800x600"   50       800 856 976 1040     600 637 643 666
does anyone have any ideas on how Xconfig would look for 1024x768 mode.
I know it can work because I have 1024x768 set up for MS windows 3.1.


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