Redhat 5.2 install problems

Redhat 5.2 install problems

Post by Glen Grigsb » Tue, 22 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Just an FYI, I've run into several quirks in the install process for
Redhat 5.2/Intel.

The biggest one is when I get to the point where the Install program
detects my S3Virge based video card in either standard or expert mode it
chooses the XF86_SVGA server and installs it. Even in expert mode when I
told it to use the old S3V server it installed the SVGA server.  This
server does not work with my Number 9 Vision 772/4MB card.  I am able to
force the S3V server to install with rpm and then link it by running
XF86Setup instead of Xconfigurator, which also will not use the S3V
server, instead it also tries to use the SVGA server.

The other problem I've run into is if I don't let the setup process
"check for bad blocks" when formatting the partitions I've created for
Linux I run into several bizarr
quirks after the install completes.  For example:  Unable to mount
/mnt/cdrom, I get an error that /dev/cdrom is not a block device. I also
got an error that said that /dev/cdrom was not in /etc/mtab or
/etc/fstab but when I check fstab there was an entry present.

I believe these are problems that RedHat should probably address.  It
may only be my computer that these occur on but I will be testing a new
machine next week to see if I can duplicate.

Glen G.