SUMMARY: Modula-2 for Linux

SUMMARY: Modula-2 for Linux

Post by Alexander Keibling » Mon, 10 May 1993 23:46:55

The question was if there is a Modula-2 compiler for Linux available.
This is a short summary of the replys I got.


Well, mtc the Modula-to-C translator from GMD compiles out of the box.
You can get it from
But beware: mtc CAN translate Modula-2 sources, but it won't cause the included
standard library looks more like C than Modula-2. For example: instead of InOut there is a module called StdIO; and guess what: Write does a binary write! If
you want to write a char to Stdout you'll have to call WriteC(c) !!!
That's why i dropped mtc ... If someone comes up with a Wirth-comp. Std.Lib,
then the picture will change, but for now ...

  I know of one, but it is not public domain, though the price is quite
reasonable.  It's called the Modula-2 Cross System (MCS) and the
latest version is v4.4.  It supports "standard" Wirth-style Modula-2
and the next releases will have full support for ISO Modula-2.  If
you're interested, you can contact the distributors in Germany:


  Someone mentioned that the "p2c" translator can be configured to
handle modula input as well. You now have all the information I do, this
was in another discussion of translating to C, and Pascal, Modula, and
two other languages were mentioned.

  There is a M2 to C converter available on Look for
mtcsrc.tar.[zZ] and mtcbin.tar.[zZ]. From memory in
pub/linux/sources/usr.bin/mtcsrc.tar.[zZ]       source code
pub/linux/binaries/usr.bin/mtcbin.tar.[zZ]      compiled binaries

I have been using these for a course I'm doing and they seem to work
pretty much alright. The course uses M2 on a Sun and there are
differences in the libraries which might be a problem. Check it out and
see whether it is suitable.

Thanks to everyone who answered.

Up to now I have not tried out anything . So if you have any
questions, you should ask the people who answered.

Bye, Alexander Keiblinger