Emacs won't start without X

Emacs won't start without X

Post by R.X. Gett » Wed, 14 Jul 1993 02:00:11

When I'm logged in as root and I don't have X running, Emacs won't start.
It complains about not being able to find the DISPLAY variable. When X
is running, or I'm logged in as a user, I don't have a problem.

I'm running kernel .99pl10 with the 4.4.1 libraries and Emacs 19.16.
I got Emacs from prep, and the only patches I applied were the fix for the
CTOR problem and removing -lipc from linking. (I left the ipc code in since
the kernel and library now support it.) Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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Here's a good one. I just compiled a  new kernel (2.1.132) and everything
appears work work with the exception of emacs. When I start it from the
command line, it just sits there, no response from any key combo except
Ctrl+Alt+Del. I tried it in X and it wouldn't start there either, I went
on to do something else and about 15 minutes later, up pops the emacs

Emacs runs fine if I start my other kernel 2.0.35

Any suggestions?

BTW, The only other thing that I can think of that I changed along with
the kernel recompile is I added a line to lilo.conf that says VGA=791


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