Sending mails through remote mail server

Sending mails through remote mail server

Post by Marijan Pe » Sat, 15 Dec 2001 06:36:26

> Let me make my problem clear.
>     I have an account on The user name there is yashgt. My user
> name on my machine is pari . If I open Netscape mail client, I can specify
> my SMTP server and POP server and the user name and password for connecting
> to these servers. When I request, the client connects to the servers, sends
> the messages that I have already written , through the SMTP server , i.e.
> It also retrieves the mails others have left for me on
> . This implies that the SMTP server of allows
> users to remotely log in to the server and send messages, and Netscape is
> such a client that passes the user name and password to the server for
> logging in.
>     Now my requirement is that I should use a text based client, preferrably
> Pine, to do whatever I am able to do using Netscape. Say I am not connected
> to the internet. My machine is standalone. I write a number of messages in
> Pine and invoke the send function. The messages will remain on my system as
> I am not online. After I am done composing the messages, I want to dial up
> my ISP. Once that is done, I want all the queued messages to go to the

> is because my friends should be able to Reply to the message on the same
> address. For this to be possible, the mails should go THROUGH the yahoo SMTP
> server.
>     You see , this mail comes to you THROUGH yahoo server. If I had sent it
> through my local mail server on Linux machine, and you Replied, it would
> bounce back to you saying that it cannot be delivered because it cannot
> identify my poor local machine.
>     I know I have to configure something. But is it Pine, or is it sendmail
> ? Which parameter ? I hope my problem is clear by now .

I assume that u know a little bit about sendmail and that it is pretty
much configured ...

Add this to your sendmail *.mc file:
FEATURE(`genericstable', `hash /etc/mail/genericstable')
Then create /etc/mail/genericstable file add i there add something like

Then recreate your file(m4 >

If u dont have a clue about sendmail; then search on
for program 'install-sendmail', it will help you to configure your
sendmail right by asking bunch of simple questions.

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1. sendmail mail server does not accept sending mail from remote clients


I just have set up a linux box as mail server for our company. Everything
works fine if I access the mail server from the intranet. I am also able
to access my mails from home. The problem I have got is that I am not
able to sent mail using this mail server.

How can I setup sendmail on this server to accept relaying mail from
the internet for authorized users. I have to logon with username/password
to get a connection to the mailserver and read mails but why does it
not ask for permission when trying to send mails.

I am using Suse 7.2 with sendmail 8.10 using IMAP to access mails.
The server relays mail from the intranet but not from internet.
I know that in the last versions of sendmail relaying was disabled because
this feature was used by spamers. But how can I allow users to send mails
when they want to send mails from home.

Sendmail has a lot of options which can be modified but I am not familiar
with all this stuff.

I would be happy about anything related to setting up sendmail as mail server
for a company.

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