problem with nat in kernel-2.16.22 on cable modem (i-cable)

problem with nat in kernel-2.16.22 on cable modem (i-cable)

Post by Dennis Leun » Sat, 09 Dec 2000 02:44:22

Hey guys. I have already setup the redhat 7.0 with kernel-2.16.22 by the way
this computer has the services of NAT with two D-Link 10/100 LAN Card. In
this issue I have successed in sharing the whole internal network. I live in
Hong Kong and using the cable modem with the ISP of i-cable
When I connect to internet after one or two hours. The connection of
internet auto break down.
- I noticed that it lost the interface of eth0 (connect with internet) in
the picture of command "netconf"
- when I used "ipconfig" to test , in losing the connection of internet, all
display was normally.
- when I used "ping" with internal IP, there had no problem with that. But I
used "ping" command with external IP. It displayed error.
- after using "/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart" to restart the service of
network, it was normal.
Please help me to solve it.


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do I configure
ipchains or ipfwadm to use the correct rule set.  Do I do the modem or the
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is of corse not supporting Linux, so I have to do it myself.  The PPP dialup
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Thanks in advance..


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